A Local's Guide on Things to Do in Atlantic Beach

A Local's Guide on Things to Do in Atlantic Beach

Nestled between the serene Bogue Sound and the vast Atlantic Ocean lies Atlantic Beach, a quaint and charming seaside town bustling with beachgoers and vacationers since the 1920s. As part of the picturesque Crystal Coast region in Carteret County, Atlantic Beach has long held its allure as an idyllic vacation destination. The prospect of owning vacation real estate here offers a blissful escape from the hustle and bustle of urban life and presents an attractive investment opportunity.

Atlantic Beach is a true gem along the North Carolina shoreline, with pristine sandy shores, crystal clear waters, and many outdoor activities that draw beachgoers in droves year after year. The town's close-knit community stokes a warm, welcoming atmosphere where locals mix effortlessly with visitors from afar.

Imagine owning your slice of paradise in this beachside retreat, allowing you to create unforgettable memories for generations while also enjoying the potential appreciation in property values over time. With coastal charm around every corner and the enduring appeal that has made Atlantic Beach a beloved vacation spot for nearly a century, investing in vacation real estate here is simply irresistible.

The beaches in Atlantic Beach

The pristine public beaches are a true gem of the Carolina coast. Their fantastic range of amenities further enhances the allure of these sun-kissed shores. Most public beaches have a bathhouse, ensuring beachgoers can quickly and conveniently rinse off before returning to their accommodations. In addition, refreshment stands are scattered along the beach, providing easy access to delicious snacks and cold beverages – perfect fuel for a day of fun in the sun.

Safety is always top of mind at Atlantic Beach, with vigilant lifeguards on duty ensuring that families can swim and frolic in the waves without worry. Plus, the abundance of free parking makes finding a spot and unloading your beach gear hassle-free. To help visitors explore the amazing locations along the coastline, the NC Division of Coastal Management has developed an app showcasing 400 access sites along the coast. The app is your digital guide to discovering the region's diverse coastal areas.

For those seeking adventure on their trip to Atlantic Beach, an array of thrilling activities awaits. Thrill-seekers can elevate their experience by parasailing or engaging in other exciting watersports. For a more relaxed pace, paddle tours offer a unique way to navigate through tranquil waters while appreciating the diverse marine life and coastal scenery. Beachside bikes enable visitors to meander effortlessly along winding beach paths, allowing them to take in all the picturesque views of Atlantic Beach. With such an enticing combination of stunning landscapes and top-notch facilities, it's no wonder Atlantic Beach continues to captivate beach lovers from all over.

Nightlife in Atlantic Beach

Atlantic Beach is a vibrant coastal town boasting an exciting nightlife that attracts visitors. One of the most popular hotspots in this charming locale is Crystal Cove Brewing Co. This family-owned craft brewery is committed to using only the finest ingredients sourced from local farms. Their passion for high-quality brews made with fresh, hand-selected ingredients sets them apart.

What makes this brewery genuinely exceptional, however, is its jam-packed calendar of weekly events. Attendees can exercise their gray matter at trivia nights, unwind during yoga sessions, or tap into their inner musicians at music bingo – all while savoring the unique flavors of their carefully crafted beers. Crystal Cove Brewing Co's eclectic mix of entertainment ensures that there's always something engaging for everyone, making it an unmissable part of Atlantic Beach nightlife.

Fine dining in Atlantic Beach

Atlantic Beach has a vibrant restaurant scene. Amid the picturesque coastal landscape, Table 9 Seafood Restaurant and Crab's Claw Oceanfront Caribbean Seafood Restaurant stand out as a couple of the best restaurants in Atlantic Beach.

At Table 9 Seafood Restaurant, guests are drawn to its rustic ambiance, accentuated by charmingly worn wood tables. This cozy atmosphere contrasts with the modern dining on offer — guests are treated to a contemporary menu that boasts an exquisite oyster bar.

Crab's Claw Oceanfront Caribbean Seafood Restaurant offers patrons a different take on oceanfront dining. With expansive open-air decks facing the captivating North Carolina shoreline, diners are immersed in panoramic views of the awe-inspiring Atlantic Ocean. Fresh seafood is celebrated here in true Caribbean style — think locally caught seafood infused with vibrant Caribbean flavors. Enjoying a delicious meal in this breezy oceanfront setting provides satisfaction for your taste buds and a feast for your eyes as you bask in nature's beauty.

Outdoor fun in Atlantic Beach

Fort Macon State Park beckons visitors with its superb blend of history, nature, and leisure. This lovingly restored pre-Civil War fort, steeped in the echoes of the past, draws a captivating backdrop for curious minds and adventure seekers alike.

Explore the well-preserved fortifications and enter a bygone era with cannon and musket demonstrations. The occasional blast from these antique weapons reverberates against the fort's walls, an enthralling experience bound to fire up your imagination. A stroll down to the swimming beach might reward you with a delightful brush of grace as dolphins frolic nearby – a magical sight that will make your visit unforgettable.

Venture further into nature's embrace as you traverse the winding trails through salt marshes, transporting you into a serene world abundant with diverse flora and fauna. As you continue your journey, find solace in the whispering winds that weave through dune fields, creating breathtaking patterns on the sandy canvas. Every step at Fort Macon State Park weaves an enchanting tale where history, beauty, and adventure intersect – a picture-perfect destination that caters to every traveler's heart.

Find your vacation home in Atlantic Beach

When searching for the perfect vacation home in Atlantic Beach, NC, Maria Wilkes offers a unique and boutique approach, not only because of her concierge services but also due to her affiliation with a prestigious brokerage. This connection allows her to provide exclusive access to the most desirable destinations worldwide.

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