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Responding To Today Report – New Rules in Real Estate Whitepaper Report

As part of our series with the Wall Street Journal, we are excited about launching the next Responding To Today, which dives into the topic of the new rules of real estate.

Even if you’re already firmly planted on the property ladder, market shifts, rising interest rates and inventory shortages are reshaping the realities of real estate. Rules that may have been a given even five years ago may do little to help you secure your next home—or get top dollar for your current property.

Responding To Today Cooling Real Estate Market - Christy Budnick


What Does A Cooling Real Estate Market Really Mean?

Rates are up and prices are dropping, but is this shifting market really cooling down or leveling off? In the latest “Responding to Today” series with @WSJ, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices CEO @ChristyBudnick and agents from across the network share where the current market is headed and what exactly it means for homebuyers and sellers moving forward.

Responding To Today Cooling Real Estate Market - Christy Budnick


What Home-Buying Millennials can learn from their Parents… and vise versa

In a competitive market, each generation should take cues from the other on how to come out on top.

In our latest “Responding to Today” series with @WSJ CEO @ChristyBudnick_ and a few of our network experts from across North America explain what home-buying millennials can learn from their parents…and vice versa. With interest rates in flux, what’s the right strategy for each generation to “win” in this market?


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