Why Your Atlantic Beach Realtor  Needs to Be a Master Marketer

Why Your Atlantic Beach Realtor Needs to Be a Master Marketer

Are you selling a home in the Atlantic Beach, Florida, real estate market? If so, you will want to consider the importance of a professional marketing campaign tailored to your luxury home sale. Your realtor needs to demonstrate a deep understanding of the Atlantic Beach area and the real estate market details. Your realtor should be able to outline their marketing plan, so you have a firm grasp of their tactics before your home is even listed. Read on to discover how masterful marketing could successfully guide your luxury home sale this year.

Knowledge of the area

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Your real estate professional should be familiar with multiple aspects of the area you are selling your home in, including the city, your specific neighborhood, and nearby amenities.

Atlantic Beach

An experienced local realtor will be highly familiar with the city and surrounding areas of Atlantic Beach. They will be able to describe the critical features of this unique location, including its proximity to the cities of Jacksonville and St. Augustine. They will be able to highlight the two-mile stretch of beach that borders the town and give it its easygoing vibe.

Your realtor will also be able to describe the amenities that appeal to buyers, whether they are seeking easy access to golf courses, nature preserves, fishing charters, or public parks characteristic of Atlantic Beach. They will also be able to describe various opportunities for dining, shopping, and even day spas for those seeking relaxation.

Your neighborhood

A realtor experienced with Atlantic Beach homes for sale will also be able to highlight the specific features of your neighborhood. They will note the access to the buyer’s preferred entertainment and the availability of necessary services. A realtor who knows the area will also be able to speak to the school system. Your realtor should also understand what buyers are drawn to in this area and what they expect with their luxury home purchase. Buyers with busy professional lives may search for something entirely different than a luxury buyer who is ready to embrace the retirement lifestyle. Your realtor’s understanding of potential buyers will affect how they market your home to your benefit.

Understanding of the Market

A knowledgeable real estate professional can convey information about the Atlantic Beach market and the overall real estate market.

Atlantic Beach trends

Your realtor should be able to communicate the status of real estate sales in Atlantic Beach. They should be well versed in the number of homes for sale and how many have sold in recent months. They should also be able to tell you approximately how long homes are staying on the market, as well as the percentage you should expect to receive from your listed luxury home price. Sellers should expect their realtors to provide a competitive market analysis with a rationale for listing price ranges.

General market trends

Your realtor should also be aware of the status of the real estate market as a whole and how it will affect your luxury home sale. For example, markets tend to favor either the buyer or the seller. In a buyer’s market, houses tend to stay longer, and offers may not be as competitive. However, in a seller’s market, sales tend to close quickly with a minimum of buyer requests. Your realtor should provide information about the market, including interest rates and trending forecasts, to help you make informed decisions about your transaction.

Professional plan

Finally, you should expect your realtor to provide you with the details of a professional, transparent, and thorough marketing campaign.

Present the lifestyle

Your realtor should present you with a marketing plan that shows their deep understanding of your home and the lifestyle it will provide to potential buyers. Consider how your home’s unique features, architectural details, spacious floor plan, and property highlights will appeal to buyers. Does your realtor plan to promote your expansive kitchen with high-end appliances and access to the wine cellar? How will they ensure that your swimming pool and spectacular ocean view stand out? Make sure your realtor understands your home's unique features and describes how they plan to market them accordingly.

Think high-quality

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A highly professional marketing campaign could draw in potential buyers from all over the world. Your realtor should plan to stage your home correctly to showcase your home’s strengths. Professional photographs and virtual tours are a must, as most buyers begin to look for their homes by starting online. Your realtor should explain the professional shots available, including twilight photos and drone shots, to help show your home at its finest. Insist on this high-quality presentation, as buyers tend to associate this with the quality of the house itself.

A wide appeal

Although many buyers start their search online, your realtor should also present their plan to market your home in other ways. Some potential buyers find their next home by perusing magazines or reviewing the high-quality items they receive in the mail. Still, other buyers visit social media platforms highlighting specific houses and their desirable features. Consider how your realtor approaches their marketing campaign; the more thorough their approach, the more likely you can expect a quick and successful home sale.

If you are selling a luxury home in the Atlantic Beach, Florida, real estate market this year, then you need to consider the impact of the correct marketing campaign. Proper and professional marketing incorporates knowledge of the area, an understanding of the real estate market, and a focused campaign. When you are ready to start the process, contact a real estate professional who demonstrates these qualities along with a proven track record. Maria Wilkes, the luxury property specialist, has the knowledge and expertise you need to sell your Atlantic Beach home. Contact her to get started today.

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